Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brian Eno's views on Gaza, and how little I care about them

New rule: you're allowed to have fucked up, borderline-unjustifiable views on Israel if--and only if--you make at least three of my 10-15 favorite albums of all time. So on account of Here Come the Warm Jets, Music for Airports and Another Green World (with assists from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Paul Simon's Surprise, which he produced), the greatest (well not the greatest...but maybe my favorite) musical mind of past 30-odd years is hereby forgiven. Hate away, Brian Eno. I'll still come running to tie your shoes (also: three guesses as to which Eno song popped into my head when I was on some faraway beach in the Kinneret today)

Other haters whose hateration I'm inclined to simply ignore (or rather, whose haterating will not in any way factor into my respect for their work), should they ever prove to be haters: Thurston Moore, Jeff Mangum, David Simon, David Cross (and, by extension, Bob Odenkirk), Thom Yorke, Prof. Peter Bearman, Bradford Cox, Armando Ianucci (the "Time Trumpet" guy)...and obviously Bob Dylan.

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